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APIGENEX has had the pleasure of working with many different companies since its inception, consistently providing these customers with products and services of the highest quality from all of our areas of expertise.

Chemistry Experimental Pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology
AKos (DE) Novo Nordisk (DK) Apotex ČR (CZ)
Novo Nordisk (DK) Nycomed (CH) Ardeapharma (CZ)
Polyphor (CH) ReceptIcon (DK) Biomedica (CZ)
ReceptIcon (DK) TransTech Pharma (US) Genericon (CZ)
Schering-Plough (US) Zentiva (CZ) Herbacos-Bofarma (CZ)
    Janssen Pharmaceutica (B)
    Laboratoires Dolisos (F)
    Laboratoires Lehning (F)
    Pfizer (CZ)
    PLIVA-Lachema (CZ)
    Reckitt Benckiser (CZ)
    Sevapharma (CZ)

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