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We can develop multistep synthetic sequences in either solution or solid phase and apply this methodology to the combinatorial synthesis of small molecules. Our robotic synthesizer allows for the efficient parallel synthesis of hundreds of compounds.

We have the capacity for both solution phase and solid phase synthesis, enabling us to produce 100’s of single compounds in solution on a 100 µmol scale, or up to 1000 single compounds on a 50 µmol scale via solid phase synthesis. All compounds are purified by column chromatography, reanalyzed and provided with a LC/MS/ELSD/DAD report. Upon request a portion of the compounds produced can be analyzed via NMR as well.

We also offer our expertise in the optimization of synthetic sequences and functional group screening. After optimization of the procedure the desired library of compounds can be produced, purified and modified according to the customer's needs.

Combinatorial Chemistry

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